E’pit Nuji Ilmuet (Prenatal) Program

E’pit Nuji Ilmuet (Prenatal) Program

“Having a Healthy Baby, There’s so much to think about”

Our Goal:

To promote good pre and post natal care to off-reserve Aboriginal women expecting or nursing an infant.


All off-reserve Aboriginal women expecting or nursing infants who have the greatest need and whose social and economic conditions cause a higher risk for prenatal nutrition deficiency.

How We Help:

An Aboriginal E’pit Nuji Ilmuet (Prenatal) Facilitator delivers this program to expectant and nursing mothers through individual home visits and workshops.

The program promotes good pre and post natal care, the importance of good nutrition, breast- feeding and economical food preparation.

Provide food supplements of milk and orange juice available for those expectant or nursing mothers whose need is greatest, up to a 28 week period.

A Nutrition Consultant (Dietician) works closely with the Facilitators and can provide individual nutrition counselling or nutrition information sessions.

For More Information Contact:

Prenatal Facilitator
Shirley Denny

Regions: Mainland Nova Scotia

166 Truro Heights Road,
P.O. Box 1320,
Truro, N.S., B2N 5N2
Toll Free: 1-800-565-4372
Direct: 1-902-895-1738
Fax: 1-902-893-7680
email: ncnsprenatal@eastlink.ca
Website: www.ncns.ca

Prenatal Facilitator
Kateri Stevens

Regions: Cape Breton, Richmond and Victoria Counties

PO Box 813,
Sydney, N.S., B1P 6J1
Direct: 1-902-567-1240
Fax: 1-902-354-2757
email: cbncns2@eastlink.ca