Our Homelands

Ancestral Territory of the Mi’kmaq

The first Indigenous Peoples on the Northeast region of the North American continent continue a long occupation of their traditional ancestral homelands. A fascinating tapestry of archeological evidence, legendary events, and historic records reveal the continuum of the First Indigenous Peoples in this region from the Paleo-
Indian period 10,500 years ago to the present.

To this day, the generations of direct descendants of the First Indigenous Peoples continue a bond to their same ancestral homelands, traditional territory, waters, seas and resources. The connection to our homelands and traditional territory is demonstrated in our innovations, technology, design, art, beliefs, practices, language,
social structures, history, world view and knowledge. We continue as one of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, the distinct Mi’kmaq People living on our traditional ancestral homelands of Mi’kma’ki.

Mi’kma’ki transects several present day provinces of Canada: all of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, most of New Brunswick, the Gaspe of Quebec, the southwestern region of Newfoundland, as well as parts of the State of Maine in the United States of America.

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