Our Destiny

Going Forward to a Better Future

Resolved with a goal and mission, in 1974, we organized as the “Metis and Non-Status Indian Association
of Nova Scotia”. Our Community organization was one of the earliest recognized Aboriginal Peoples
Representative Organizations in Canada. In 1975, the Federal government invited our Community to share with government our concerns, issues and solutions. At the Federal government level; because of a policy information vacuum, there was an urgent need to understand our situation, conditions and needs to improve our life. The reasons for our condition and situation would now be known. The solution was challenging. The change from exclusion to inclusion required the will of Government.

As our advocacy work grew, and news of our work and mission spread, so did the numbers of our brothers and sisters determined to have a better future. Through our work, capacity and competency, we soon renamed our organization to be the “Native Council of Nova Scotia”. We continued renouncing the label types placed on us by government.

The Native Council of Nova Scotia (NCNS) as an Aboriginal Peoples Representative Organization, is dedicated to help our Community to improve their social and economic conditions and our political situation. We established partnerships with other Aboriginal regional, national and international organizations dedicated to end oppression, subjugation and exclusion of Aboriginal Peoples from the social and economic and political fabric of colonizing countries on our lands.

The Native Council of Nova Scotia’s social and economic programs, services and initiatives are developed from the expressed needs of the Community. Helping solutions are initiated, implemented and delivered by Community volunteers, staff, leaders and partners with the Native Council of Nova Scotia.

The level, scope and services activity is directed and determined by the Community leadership as a collective decision. As far as possible, given all factors, funds available, volunteers, staff, level of needs, and qualifying criteria, our goal is to help as many of our Community in need. No one should feel alone or forgotten.

Everyone has something to give, share and leave for our future generations. Our Community gets together for many activities, sometimes just to meet and greet new and old faces. Common to all, each has a history and a story about their situation. Each in their own way advocates for change. Each is proud of his or her heritage, long history and continuum as Mi’kmaq/Aboriginal Peoples living on Mi’kma’ki our traditional ancestral homelands.

Collective decisions for going forward, influencing changes in an evolving world, produce and continually add to our organized Community resolve and destiny. We remain an open, transparent, and accountable Aboriginal Peoples Representative Organization with policies, procedures and work that show tangible credible results for our Community by inclusive effort.

For over thirty four (34) years, the NCNS Community of Mi’kmaq/Aboriginal Peoples has continued to consistently provide stellar examples of a credible, accountable, and responsible Community governing organization. Our administration and practices are open, fair, effective and transparent to the Community. We have achieved a Community organization governed by the Community without the direct rule, control and wardship of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.

Our competency, capacity, knowledge, tenacity, perseverance, merit, dignity and worth is united in solidarity as a Community “going forward to a better future”.

Satellite Offices

235 Charlotte Street, Unit 1
Sydney, N.S. B1P 1C4
Tel: 902-567-1240
Fax: 902-564-1123

180 White Point Road
PO Box 2028
Liverpool, N.S. B0T1K0
Tel: 902-354-2751
Fax: 902354-2757


140 Thorne Ave, Unit C
Dartmouth, N.S. B3B 1Z2
Tel: 902-405-4730
Fax: 902-405-4731

Digby Resource Center
1 Birch Street
Digby, N.S. B0V 1A0

Coldbrook Outreach
11 Opportunity Lane
Coldbrook, N.S. B4R 1B9

Head Office

129 Truro Heights Road,
P.O. Box 1320,
Truro, N.S.
B2N 5N2

Toll Free: 1-800-565-4372
Direct: 902-895-1523
Fax: 902-895-0024